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What is the Teacher DEMO?

(Registration on English4Work)
The DEMO (based on our Advanced Package) allows you to access all Modules and all available Activities – in limited Units – for FREE! You furthermore have the same content rights as Students have in the TRIAL, but the DEMO already allows you to explore the Classroom functionality, and our “Basic” & “Advanced” Features. It even enables you to already enrol your Students (by having them sign up for a TRIAL and providing them your Classroom-Key) – so they can check out the Activities – while you can test our Platform in depth, without having to buy anything! We want you (and your Students) to be absolutely convinced before subscribing to our service. ☺

What is the Student TRIAL?

(Registration on any Module)
The TRIAL is what you get for FREE when you register as a Student. It gives you access to try out all of our Activities and includes several Units in each Module separately. It’s just like the full version, except of course there are fewer Units available. A TRIAL account created on any Module automatically has TRIAL access to all others too, but you’ll need to login separately on each.

What are “Modules”?

Modules are our ESP industry related domains, to which Teacher users purchase access to on English4Work. We currently have the following Modules available:

All Modules work completely independent from each other, so if you buy any Tier Package, you will have the corresponding contingents available on all Modules respectively!

Enrolling a Student in one Module, will NOT enrol them on any other and you can therefore enrol different Students on each of our Module domains …

What are “Licence Tiers”?

Tiers are the “Levels” of our Modules & Packages available. They come in the following “sizes”, with extra Features added in higher Tiers:

Basic: 40 Student Seats & 2 Classrooms

Advanced: 100 Student Seats & 5 Classrooms

Pro+: 200 Student Seats & 10 Classrooms

What are “Student Seats”?

Student Seats are the amounts of virtual “places” a Teacher receives to enrol Students, when subscribing to any Tier licence in each purchased Module. With an active licence, Students enrolled in a Classroom have instantly access to all content (if not otherwise restricted by the Teacher), with most Features enabled by default.

When a licence expires, Students will only have access to restricted TRIAL content & no further progress is possible, until the subscription is renewed…

What are “Classrooms”?

Classrooms are the centerpieces of our Modules. All settings can be applied for each Classroom individually, which enables users of higher Tiers to create a range of different possibilities for their Students – in accordance with their command of the English language and the time available per Unit. 

Nearly all Feature aspects can be managed in the Classroom settings; either during its creation, or when editing it. There is also no student seat limit for Classrooms, so if you want, you can even enroll your entire student seat contingent in in a single Classroom. How you facilitate your lessons with our platform, is completely up to you. ☺ 

How do I enrol my Students in a Classroom?

When creating a Classroom, a Classroom-Key is automatically generated, which Teachers need to share with their Students, to enrol them into their Classrooms.

Students need to register for a TRIAL version on each respective Module first, before being able to enrol in any Classroom, which is done by entering the Teacher provided Classroom-Key in the “Join Class” section of the Students’ account.

We have now successfully launched additional enrolment methods. More information on how they can benefit you, can be found in our Blog.

What are “Units”?

We currently have two different kinds of Units – “Core Units” and “Tech Units”.

Core Units hold all of our different Activities available (Vocabulary, Reading, Multiple Choice, Listening Comprehension, Spelling and Recognition, Speaking and Writing), while Tech Units are an extra Vocabulary building section (including Vocabulary, Multiple Choice, Listening Comprehension and Spelling and Recognition Activities).

What are “Activities”?

We currently have 7 different Activities available and only two of them need active teacher interaction, after students have been enrolled to a Classroom.

“Vocabulary”, “Reading”, “Multiple Choice”, “Listening Comprehension” and “Spelling and Recognition” are always automatically graded by our custom-build system, while “Speaking” and “Writing” will require a teacher for the grading.

What are “Terms”?

Terms are basically the vocabulary available in each Unit, but we have made them a little more extensive, by adding an extra definition, as well as an example sentence for each Term – across our Platform. This way, there is immediate context provided, to increase the understanding and learning experience for your Students.

Where is all your Audio Content?

Nearly all of our Terms come with 2 different English language accent audios (US/UK), for each Term itself and its related example sentence. These Term audios are also “questioned” again in our “Listening Comprehension” Activity. Furthermore, all Reading Activities are also accompanied by 1 audio (either US/UK).
We are also actively working on extending our audio content, to soon bring you new, additional audio based activities, as well as different, extra English language accents – to increase the Listening Comprehension ability of your Students across different geographical regions. ☺

What is the NON-PROFIT Special?

Since we, the team of English4Work, feel strongly about making education accessible, user-friendly, and affordable, we want to show our support to educators around the globe, by offering a special package to users who provide educational services without requiring payment. This special is intended for any person or organisation who:

  • Will not make money through the use of our Platform
  • Is based in a developing country (circumstantial exceptions may apply)
  • Will use our tool with an underserved, marginalised and/or impoverished community

After you have applied for the Special, our verification team will get in touch to assess your situation at the earliest time possible. We will require more details about your location, funding, impact area and reach. We will discuss your needs in terms of contingents and features. When we have found a mutually benefitial solution, we will grant you access to our platform accordingly. ☺️      -> Apply here <-

What's included in Basic?

(Modules or Package)
On top of the general Features, Basic includes 2 Classrooms and 40 Student Seats (per Module). Most Activities are graded automatically, but Teachers have to manually grade the Writing and Speaking Activities. 

Basic comes with the following, additional Classroom Features:

  • “Enable Activity Help” – setting
    • shows help buttons to Students in most activities
  • “Enable Reading Comprehension questions” – setting
    • adds true-false questions to the Reading Activity
  • “Enable Activity restart” – setting
    • disabling this checkbox lets you set up a test/exam scenario
  • “Set writing Activity limits” – setting
    • set minimum and maximum character limit

What's included in Advanced?

(Modules or Package)
On top of the general & Basic Tier Features, Advanced includes 5 Classrooms and 100 Student Seats (per Module). Most Activities are graded automatically, but Teachers can opt to disable the Writing and Speaking Activities, basically automating the repetitive part of the education experience with English4Work for your Students.

Advanced comes with the following, additional Classroom Features:

  • “Advanced definitions for Multiple Choice Activity” – setting
    • increases the amount of questions for your students
  • “Disable all Writing Activities” – setting
    • conduct your writing lessons in the class or via external software
  • “Disable all Speaking Activities” – setting
    • conduct your speaking lessons in the class or via external software

When disabling both Advanced Activities, the Teacher only has to enrol the Students, for them to be able to complete the entire course without any further interaction needed.

Reports, Grading & Certification granting is done automatically by our custom-built system. ☺

What's included in Pro+?

(Modules or Package)
On top of the general, Basic & Avanced Tier Features, Pro+ includes 10 Classrooms and 200 Student Seats (per Module). Most Activities are graded automatically, but Teachers can opt to disable the Writing and Speaking Activities, basically automating the repetitive part of the education experience with English4Work for your Students.

There are currently no extra Features available for Pro+, but some are already in development and/or (Beta) testing (Co-Brandable Certificate; Custom Path).

Is Certification included?

Yes, certification is included in all Modules (2x in MedicalEnglish), for all Tiers. It’s automatically granted when a Student completes all Units of any Module (“Core Units” & “Tech Units” on MedicalEnglish) with a grade of 85% or above and acts as “proof” that a student has completed the course.


The Teacher adjustable PDF can then be downloaded and printed by the Student, and a QR code is generated so a 3rd party can also verify the certificate.

What are the upcoming Features?

Great question – thanks for asking! ☺

We have several Features already in development, alpha testing and beta testing and will progressively launch updates and upgrades to existing Features, as well as the following major new ones over time (in no particular order):

  • “Advanced Settings” – Upgrade:

 The ability to disable/enable any Activity generally from all Units – for each Classroom individually.

  • Co-Brandable Certificate

Add your own logo or personal picture and your contact details (for reference & referral) to our certificate, which is then automatically issued upon completion of the course (Pro+ Add-On Feature).

  • Custom Path

Will allow Teachers to freely choose which Activities/Units are available & gradable for the Students (Pro+ Feature).

Is this program also suitable for schools?

What about my private Students?
Absolutely. Our primary focus is providing a quality Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for teachers, trainers, educators, NGOs, schools, organisations, enterprises, universities or government institutions to deliver online lessons to their students, employees, pupils or teams. Our custom-coded Platform is also free from all forms of advertisement and spam.

What happens when my subscription expires?

Will my account be deleted?
No, we don’t delete anything when your subscription runs out or if you cancel. You can always come back and pick up where you left off.

How do I delete my account?

Login to your account and select My Account -> My Profile from the top menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a red button to delete your account. If you click this button, all your personal information will be erased and completely “forgotten” by our system. This is a GDPR-compliant solution, which cannot be undone!

How do I pay?

You can either purchase your monthly subscription licence through our payment gateway provider Stripe, from our shops on our Teach with us page or you can use our Order Now form to let us know about your requirements. Our sales team will get back to you as quickly as possible & we will send you the corresponding invoice, which can be paid via bank transfer or other payment option (depending on your location).

When do I get charged?

Your licence payments are either charged as recurring monthly subscriptions – starting from your initial purchase date – or can be customised when ordering through our form. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your “Stripe Customer Portal” in “My Billing” of your account, or by contacting us.

Since we offer a free DEMO, we do not offer refunds for any payment made – please test our platform before you purchase.

Which currencies can I pay in?

We currently offer the possibility to pay in either Euro or US Dollar for direct online payments.

If you’d like to pay in your local currency, please use our Order Now form and we will get back to you about it’s availability.

Is my financial data secured?

Stripe processes our payments for all available methods and currencies on their respective checkout pages. They hold all of your credit card details or any other payment information.

We do not have access to your financial details! 

How do you protect my personal data?

Quality is very important to us and that’s why we host our services on private, fast, SSL-encrypted servers. We also meet or exceed all GDPR privacy requirements… not just in the EU, where it is required by law, but everywhere else as well! For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy.

If you feel there is something missing on this page, please help us grow our FAQ by contacting us with your questions and suggestions!


“I have found the site very helpful indeed. Certainly it is going to improve my English as well as easing my teaching.” 
– Kakaire Charles, Saudi Arabia
“Without a shred of doubt, this is the most precious source to teach English I could find online” 
– Walid Kefali, INSFP Algeria
“I teach English to young software developers. We use your site on a very regular basis. It is very user-friendly and useful.” 
– Bernard Deconinck, Belgium
“Thanks for your great website! It is very helpful for me to manage students. Thank you very much!” 
– Yaser Teymurzade, Azerbaijan
“Thank you for this wonderful platform!” 
– Valentina Chen, Italy
“This is quite an interesting site for teachers of technical English. It gives a lot of resources and information about various components of the computer which is an indispensable tool in the field of information technology and related areas.” 
– Nashipu Julius Pepandze, Lecturer, University of Cameroon 
“I am an EFL teacher at Bogomolets National Medical University and I started using your MedicalEnglish Module recently. The reaction of my students (more than 100 per academic term) was exceptionally positive. They like it so much; that some of them asked to include your materials in every single class we conduct together. That is why I would like to say “thank you so much” for giving me an opportunity to use your services and on behalf of my students (predominantly first year students)

– Ольга Дунаєвська, Ukraine

“I believe that this course is very important for teachers or lecturers who teach English for IT students. It’s very helpful. Thanks!” 
– Muhammad Wajiran, University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
“Since we’ve been using English4Hotels, I’ve noticed my students are more interested and motivated. I will encourage my students to keep using your course until they complete all the activities, to get their certificate.” 
– Diana Gutierrez, Mexico
“Your website inspired me and gave me a lot of ideas to help my students to learn online. Thank you so much again for such a great thing you’ve done” 
– Nootprapa, Ubon Rajabhat Rajabhat University, Thailand
“I love this English course!” 
– Cristina Leal, Colombia
“This website is very useful for developing IT knowledge. It gives the basic skills and is very useful for beginners. I currently use your website for my class.” 
– Veeravan Jongjit Sirijirakal, Thailand
“I am very happy with this course. I was searching a long time for something like this. I recommend it to everyone teaching Accounting English” 
– Amadeu Alexandre, Angola
“Excellent stuff! Isn’t the rule of thumb that we forget 80% of new vocabulary within 24 hours if we don’t use it? Thankfully, English4Work uses the three R’s of language learning: repetition, repetition, and repetition.” 
– Suraigi, Philippines 
“I’m glad to have found your platform, because I’ve been looking for a website like this for months. Great job!” 
– Suel Brito, Brazil

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