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Introducing English4IT - our pioneering content module at English4Work, meticulously crafted with a deep-rooted passion for Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This module is a game-changer for educators, empowering you to seamlessly instruct in the arena of IT-focused English.

It's a comprehensive teaching tool that's been thoughtfully constructed to cover an expansive array of IT-related topics. From software and hardware to programming, engineering, and networks, as well as databases, tech support, and so much more – the breadth of material ensures a well-rounded education for your students.

Harness the power of English4IT, and elevate your teaching journey to new heights of effectiveness and efficiency.

This custom-built Module gives you access to:
30+ Units (+ certificate)
200+ Activities
500+ Terms
+400+ minutes of audio content
Core Unit Activities

E Vocabulary (system graded)
E Reading (system graded)
E Multiple Choice (system graded)
E Listening Comprehension (system graded)
E Spelling and Recognition (system graded)
E Speaking (teacher graded)
E Writing (teacher graded)

What others say about English4IT

“I teach English to young software developers. We use English4InfoTech on a regular basis.
It is very user-friendly and helpful.”

– Bernard Deconinck, Belgium

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Why do so many teachers choose English4IT?

Student Seats included:

The amount of included student seats depends on your Tier selection below.

Grading & Reports:

Detailed reporting for all classrooms activities and grades, for the teacher to review.

Original Content & Activities:

Our content is written by Information Technology professionals and edited by certified EFL instructors.

Responsive Interface:

All activities can be done on a smartphone, tablet, computer or any size device.

US & UK English Audios:

All of our core content comes with American English and British English audios for all available terms.

Classroom Community:

Class “Wall” where teachers can post important updates, pdfs, mp3s, and image files.

Customisable Certification:

Includes a QR-code verifiable certificate that students can download and print out.

100% Ad and Spam FREE:

We have no advertisement, to distract your students from the educational experience.


Our available Licence Tiers:


– 40 Student Seats
– 2 Classrooms

Basic Features:
+ Comprehension Questions
+ Activity Help Feature
+ Activity Restart Feature
+ Set Writing Limits


– 100 Student Seats
– 5 Classrooms
– All Basic Features

Advanced Features:
+ Student quick add tool
+ Advanced Multiple Choice option
+ Disable Speaking/Writing Activities
= allows you to automate your classroom as a self-study vocabulary builder


– 200 Student Seats
– 10 Classrooms
– All Basic Features
– All Advanced Features

Pro+ Features:
+ Bulk-Add Student import tool
+ Co-Brand the student certificate with your own logo

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