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“We receive a lot of positive feedback from our students using English4Work as they get applicable knowledge through interactive activities.”

– Anastasiia Rabokon, Director of iCan Language School

“The course was great. One thing I liked the most is relevant topics I need in my work. The platform is easy to use and contains informative texts. Highly recommended.”

– Olha Svit, English4Office user

- ican School


Who are we?

iCan School in Ukraine is a team of dedicated professionals teaching English and other languages online. We conduct 1-on-1 lessons, speaking clubs and do our best to develop our students’ potential as well as tailor our courses to fit their needs.

Our school is aimed at making online learning as engaging and effective as possible, so we always look for best solutions to help us achieve this goal. Therefore, we started using English4Work courses in 2019 and we are amazed at how the platform has developed since then.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

English4Work is a unique resource providing online courses in IT, Business, Travel, Accounting and Medical English. The lessons are well structured and contain essential vocabulary necessary for work in these fields. We appreciate the ability to customize the features so the users can set up the lessons the way they like. For instance, our courses on English4Work can be self-paced or for classroom work with a teacher, the latter type containing writing activities.

We also appreciate that English4Work does not require a lot of participation from school admins. The only thing we need to do is to send a new user their access key before they start a course, and this is it. The interface is user-friendly and students can easily understand what they need to do and how to get the certificate of completion.

It is worth mentioning that the payment system is quite flexible so we can switch to another package when the number of students changes.

With that being said, we are planning to continue using English4Work and highly recommend the service to schools, teachers and students.

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