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What do our students say?

“It exposed me to a lot of new words that I hadn’t known before. The way the program is structured, it not only taught me English, but also thinking skills and comprehension. It was not just a case of listening and entering answers, I had to think and understand the content. One aspect that was really valuable was the way it allowed me to practice my writing skills.”

– Zodwa Buthelezi,
Hospitality student

- Good Work Foundation


Who are we?

The Good Work Foundation is an NGO situated in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. GWF was established to create access to digital learning for children and young adults living in rural communities bordering the Kruger National Park.
Our vision is to provide trainings that will better position our students to being employed in the tourism rich area of the Kruger National Park and surroundings, and English is a much-needed skill that our students need to develop. When looking for an online tool to facilitate our Hospitality academy, we found English4Hotels.

Why and how do we use English4Work?

The English4Hotels program is ideal for our context in that it allows the students a first experience of online study. The students are given access to computers while at our campuses and support as they work through the program. It not only assists them in developing their English but also their computer skills
It is a great asset to our courses because the program targets the words and context they will use in the workplace. Many language programs are broad and generic and the English4Work programs focus directly on the most needed words and phrases.

What do we appreciate most about English4Work?

We have noticed these effects since integrating English4Hotels in our courses: It has complemented our course curriculum well, so it acts as revision of the classwork. It adds some variation in the learning process, by allowing the students self-study opportunities and it has been rewarding for the students to be able to earn a certificate at the end of the program.

Because of our great experience with English4Hotels, we plan to use English4Work in the future by introducing the English4IT program in our IT academy and hopefully in other future programs.

Thank you for supporting our mission of bringing digital learning into South Africa’s rural communities!

We strongly believe in the value of education!
Unfortunately, education is not easily accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.
So we want to help: