Unit 9: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
operated without the use of labor
The production line is fully automated so doesn’t need any human operators.
a failure to work or operate
The company replaced all of the photocopiers as they were having problems with breakdowns.
an sudden discovery or development
A lot of people say that the most important breakthrough of the last century was the Internet.
to move under the control of one authority or to one location
The company has centralized the human resources department so now we have to contact our head office to speak to our human resource representative.
a machine or piece of equipment which was made for a specific function
The most important device for the modern businessman is his smart phone.
to help or make easier
There are many examples where technology has facilitated doing business.
to estimate or predict in advance
The sales manager forecasted sales of 3.2 million.
a private computer network within an organization
The company intranet contains a list of employees with their telephone numbers.
to check the quality or content of
We need to monitor the situation carefully.
to delegate a task to an outside company
A lot of European companies outsource work to Indian firms to reduce costs.
to successfully deal with a problem
The management overcame the problem of poor employee motivation by offering staff incentives.
to make more efficient by reducing wastage
The new manager streamlined the department.
a person with a wide knowledge of computers
You should ask Mark to set up your new email account. He is a real techie.
working from home via the Internet
Telecommuting is a good solution for people who are unable to get to the office everyday.
video conferencing
to communicate between two locations using software which allows the speakers to see and hear each other
Multi-national corporations can save a large amount of money by video conferencing instead of sending staff to attend meetings in foreign countries.
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