Unit 7: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
check in
to register at a hotel, airport etc.
James had to show his passport to the receptionist when he checked in.
a sum of money which should be repaid
The company accountant checked the claim and then processed payment.
ETA (estimated time of arrival)
the time at which you think you will be somewhere
I am not exactly sure when I will arrive but my ETA is 16:00.
charges paid by an employee for the purposes of work
Pete was sacked because he was caught adding personal expenses to his claim.
buildings, rooms, equipment which can be used for a purpose
The hotel’s business center offers excellent facilities for business travelers.
field sales representative
a salesperson who travels to the customer to try to sell a company's product or service
The company employs 12 field sales representatives each responsible for a different area.
all of the vehicles which a company owns
All cars in the company fleet are Volkswagens because they are reliable.
freshen up
refresh yourself by washing or changing into clean clothes
I arrived early so I could freshen up before the meeting.
hold up
a delay
Sorry I’m late. There was an unexpected hold up on the way.
a plan of activities to happen at particular times
You should plan your itinerary realistically if you don’t want to be late.
per diem
a daily allowance paid by a company to employees who have to travel in connection with their work
The company per diem is $50 with an additional allowance for staying in hotels.
rush hour
the busiest time on the roads usually in the morning and late afternoon when people are traveling to and from work
Driving in the rush hour can very very stressful especially in larger cities.
set off
to start a journey
The meeting is at 9am so I need to set off at 7:30 to make sure I am there on time.
traffic jam
a line of stationary or slow moving vehicles
The car overheated while he was stuck in the traffic jam.
the place where something happens
The venue for the conference has been changed to the Milton Hotel.
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