Unit 6: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
attractive or interesting
His idea wasn’t appealing to the manager so it never happened.
a helpful or positive effect
Working so close to home has a lot of benefits when it comes to traveling.
break the ice
to make someone you have just met feel more relaxed
Some people say the best way to break the ice is to tell a joke.
count on
to depend on, know that someone or something will be as expected.
In a team, all members must be able to count on each other.
to improve or become better
Over the past year the business has developed a lot.
get to know
to start to have knowledge about
He met and got to know several interesting people during the conference.
to form or have an opinion about
Most people judge others in the first five seconds of meeting them.
to move around and talk to people at a social event
She doesn’t like sitting in one place during parties, she prefer to mingle and speak to as many people as she can.
the process of meeting and talking to lots of people
A lot of people don’t realize how important networking is in modern business.
to show someone or something in a particular way
He presented himself very well in the interview and ended up getting the job.
a relationship in which people like, understand and respect each other
A good salesman needs to be able to build a rapport with customers very quickly.
small talk
informal conversation about something unimportant
Topics like the weather or a local sports team are great for small talk.
to spend time talking with other people
John is very open and this makes him good at socializing.
take advantage of
to use a situation to get what you want
The staff took advantage of the managers absence and left 20 minutes early.
to use something
A big part of project management is deciding how to best utilize your resources.
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