Unit 5: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
to change to better suit a new situation
After the fifth failed interview, Pete adapted his expectations to be more realistic in the type of job he was applying for.
a meeting during which a superior evaluates the performance of a subordinate
All staff appraisals will be held in January.
the history or experience to date
His background is in sales but I think he would be a good choice for the position of customer service manager.
career ladder
the series of professional jobs which make up your working life
Mr Sinclair’s first step on the career ladder was as a junior member of the accounts team.
without chance for development
He decided to resign when he realized that he was in a dead-end job with no chance of advancement.
the process of being moved to a lower position at work
She was really angry about her demotion to a lower position in the department.
fast track
a course leading to advancement faster than usual
The company offers a fast track program in which you will be assessed every two months to see if you are ready for advancement.
to get or acquire something (especially when using effort)
She gained a lot of experience working in her previous job.
to cause someone to think positively about you
The second candidate really impressed me. I think we should offer her the position.
a person at the same level as you
Spending time with your peers from work outside of the office is a good way to build a better relationship with them
the process of being moved to a higher position at work
Her promotion to manager wasn’t a surprise to anyone as she clearly deserved it.
future possibilities or opportunities
I don’t earn very much at the moment but the financial prospects for the job are great.
quick, fast
Everyone in the department was pleased with Jason’s rapid progress.
the process of changing the organizational lay out of a company
After the merger the company announced that they would be restructuring the entire sales force.
the process of being taught the skills you need for a particular task / job
All new staff will be given training on how to use the machines in a safe way.
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