Unit 4: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
to judge or decide the amount or importance of something
We will meet again in six months to assess the performance so far.
suggesting a lot of ideas very quickly without thinking about the details of them
A lot of good ideas were talked about in the brainstorming.
a financial plan to show how much money can be spent
The boss will not be happy if we go over budget.
a final term by which something must be finished
The deadline for the report is the 16th so I have to finish by then.
a person chosen by a group or organization to act for them
Over 600 delegates attended the conference.
beginning or first one
The initial stage of developing a new product is market research.
to release and start selling a new product
Apple launches a new iPhone every 18 months.
a stage which a project is divided into for monitoring
The project is divided into 3 milestones which must be achieved at a particular time.
the main goal
Our objective is to improve sales. Now how will we do this?
continuing or happening at the present moment
He has a few ongoing problems which he will not be able to resolve before his holiday.
a useful or valuable possession which can be used to achieve a goal
A lot of people forget that the staff is the most valuable resource a company has.
a list of planned activities showing the times at which they should happen
According to the schedule, we should finish the first phase next week.
a period of days, weeks etc in which an activity is planned to happen
Our timeframe is flexible so you do not need to worry if you don’t finish by the end of the week.
to make something more modern or more useful by adding new information
She worked late updating the contract to show the changes talked about in the meeting.
a person who does something without being forced or paid to do it
A lot of young people work as volunteers to gain experience.
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