Unit 2: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
admin (administration)
the activities involved in managing or organizing a business
Mr Sachs's personal assistant does all his admin work for him.
a small office space with temporary walls around it
The junior members of staff have cubicles and the senior members have offices.
a part of an organization or company which deals with a particular area
The sales department are one of the most important departments in the company.
dress code
a set of rules describing what employees can and cannot wear
The company dress code states that you should wear a blue or white shirt.
to store information in a careful or particular way
It took a long time to find the information as someone filed it in the wrong place.
filing cabinet
a large piece of furniture used for holding paper documents
All of the records for last year are in the filing cabinet on your left.
fill in for
to substitute or replace someone for a short time
Mary will fill in for you while you are on holiday.
in charge of
responsible for someone or something
Mark is in charge of customer service so you need to speak with him.
not divided by walls
Open-plan offices offer both advantages and disadvantages.
an introduction meeting or training session
You will learn about the company, it's staff and your duties during orientation.
the part of the job involved with writing letters, reports or records
There is a lot less paperwork now that most things are done on the computer.
a machine used for making copies of documents
I'm sorry I cannot copy that now. The photocopier is broken again.
put somebody through
to direct somebody's phone call to the correct person
The receptionist answered the call and put the caller through to the correct department.
to completely destroy a paper document using a special machine
As we deal with some very sensitive information, all documents must be shredded.
relating to people who work in offices
There are two separate canteens in the factory, one for white-collar workers and one for the production line staff.
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