Tourism Unit 8: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 12 vocabulary words below.
A place or department of a restaurant that makes flour based food, such as bread cakes and pastries.
The restaurant had its own bakery, which produced the most wonderful bread I have ever tasted.
A popular method of serving food to large groups and/or parties in which dishes are presented in a public display for the customers to choose from.
The queue for the buffet was very long and the food was quite disappointing when we eventually got to it.
choux pastry
A dough that is made in a sauce pan on the top of a stove rather than made from mixing the ingredients in cool conditions in a mixing bowl
My favourite pastry is choux, so I order a big helping of chocolate eclairs.
A service offered in exchange for payment or/and a percentage of a payment given to an agent for finding the need for a service.
The pastry department was given a large commission to make a three tier wedding cake for the Royal Wedding.
A cooked mixture of milk or cream and egg yolk used as a desert sauces or can be served on its own as a desert e.g Creme Brulee.
Even though I had ordered apple pie, I decided to have cream instead of the custard.
The French term for cake that is used around the world to describe a desert made from sponge, cream and a variety of other ingredients.
Black forest gateau has always been my favourite, so I was very pleased to see it on the menu.
The general name given to an assortment of tarts and other small baked goods containing flour, sugar, milk, butter, shortening, baking powder, and/or eggs.
The pastry was so light it seemed to melt in my mouth as I bit into the apple pie.
petit fours
Small pastry cakes also known as French fancies often served with beverages in a cafe or restaurant or as a feature on a buffet.
The Petit Fours served at the wedding were delicious; what a shame they were gone in only two mouthfuls.
piping bag
A cone- or triangular-shaped, hand-held bag made from cloth, paper, or plastic that is filled with semi-solid foods and used to decorate dishes by pressing the food through the narrow opening of the bag.
The cream on my gateau was in a line of very neat swirls, the chef must have used a piping bag.
A term given to a type of desert, but can also be used to describe a savoury dish.
My husband ordered steak and kidney pudding for his main course and then a rice pudding for his desert.
puff pastry
A light flaky dough containing several layers of solid fat, which has been folded in during the rolling out process.
The Puff pastry used to make the apple turnover was rolled to perfection. This gave it a very light texture when eaten.
A cake usually made with flour, sugar, and eggs and sometimes baking powder, which has a firm, yet well aerated structure.
A traditional sherry trifle is made using layers of cream, custard, jelly, and sponge fingers, which is flavoured with sherry.
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