Tourism Unit 7: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 12 vocabulary words below.
small particles of cooked dough usually sprinkled on top of a dish or added to food as an inexpensive ingredient
The chef forgot my meal, that he had placed under the grill and when it arrived the breadcrumbs were burnt.
a piece of flat timber painted with matte dark paint, usually black or green, that can be written on; the writing can be rubbed out so it can be rewritten
The bar's chalkboard had so many different dishes it was difficult to choose which one to order.
the process of expressing that something is not right. A person who has done this is not happy with something
We were forced to complain about the waiter who took ages to take our order, even though we were in the restaurant before the other customers.
prepared and cooked ingredients made into an item on the menu, which is ready to be eaten
I order the seafood dish because my favourite food is prawns.
an architectural structure designed to contain a method of heating found in homes and restaurants and/or hotels
After our day skiing we were very cold, so we sat by the fireplace to warm up.
cooked in a way that involves an open flame (fire)
The salmon was delicious; it had been grilled to perfection.
house speciality
a dish that is only made in that particular restaurant; usually the recipes are kept secret so that no one else can make the dish
The house speciality was a dish made from beef, but the chef would not give me the recipe. He said it was a trade secret.
the name given to a food or liquid item that is added to a food recipe
I followed the recipe exactly, making sure that every ingredient was measured correctly.
a list of food and drink which are accompanied by prices and are available for the customer to read and choose their meal from, and then order their requirements from the waiter
The menu was four pages long; it took us nearly twenty minutes to choose.
the list of food ordered by a customer
When the waiter comes over to take our order, will you get me the fish?
the cost of an item, which is usually printed in one unit of currency but can be two depending on the location e.g. pound sterling and Euro will quite often be found on menus in Europe
The price of the meal was very reasonable and we will certainly visit this restaurant again.
a voluntary additional payment made for services rendered, usually given to a waiter/waitress by a customer if they were pleased with the service in a restaurant
The service was excellent; the food arrived on time and was delicious so we gave the waiter a large tip.
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