Tourism Unit 4: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 12 vocabulary words below.
the department of a hotel that deals with the important decision making and money handling, which will include organising staff and other resources
The administration department was very efficient and made a good profit for the hotel owner.
a private room, which contains at least one bed and is available to relax in during the day or sleep during the night-time
The hotel we stayed in had twenty bedrooms on each floor and each had their own en-suite.
the total amount of guests a hotel can cater for at any given time
The hotel was full to capacity, not a single room was empty.
staff who deal with the immediate handling of money and therefore need to be good with costing and prices
In the casino the cashier quickly changed my betting chips for money.
chef de partie
experienced and qualified cooks who are in charge of an individual area of the kitchen, which will have responsibility for one part of the menu; the areas are usually starters and salads, main courses and sweets
The chef de partie, who made our desert, had worked all around the world in lots of famous restaurants.
a person who pays to stay in a hotel; the staff must take care of them during their stay
As a guest of the hotel I would recommend to my friends to come and stay here as the service has been fantastic.
the manager who runs the cleaning and laundry aspects of a hotel and will organise the duties of chamber maids and other domestic staff
We had to complain to the housekeeper, when we found no clean towels in our room.
the meal which is served at midday, but can vary in size and time depending on which country it is served in
The buffet that was served for lunch seemed to contain a lot of fish and pasta; I am not very fond of either so was disappointed.
the members of staff, who could be found in the housekeeping department or the kitchen, dealing with chores such as cleaning and attending to laundry, but can also be responsible for room service
The maid brought my wife and I a lovely afternoon tea, which included the most delicious scones I have ever tasted.
a person who might be the first member of the hotel staff to meet a guest; they will work in the lobby behind a front desk and tell the guest which room they have booked and how to get there
When arriving at the hotel, the receptionist greeted us with a big smile and asked the porter to take our bags to our room.
a member of staff, usually a man, who will help a guest with many different personal services; these services could range from shoe polishing to parking the guest’s car
I was very cross when the manager informed me that the valet had scratched my car, but then the manager assured me that the valet would be paying for the damage from his wages.
staff who work in the restaurant or bar and will bring the guests their orders of food and drink
We gave the waitress a large tip as she had looked after us very well all evening.
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