Tourism Unit 2: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 10 vocabulary words below.
banquet hall
the most exclusive and largest dining hall, where elaborate and very formal meals (banquets) are held and large groups of people are fed and often entertained as well
We ate like royalty on the last night of our stay! A six course dinner was served in the banquet hall.
brand name
a name given to a product or collection of products, a familiar or famous name / trademark
If I could be the manager of a brand name hotel, I'd rather it were a Radisson than a Motel 6!
cater to
to provide whatever is needed
We stayed in a new boutique hotel, so the staff really looked after us and catered to our every need!
complimentary toiletries
free personal care products, like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, body lotions, etc. provided in hotel bathrooms
You'll find luxury brand, complimentary toiletries in the bathrooms of five star hotels.
corporate clients
customers or guests who belong to a large company or group
This hotel makes most of its money doing repeat business with corporate clients.
designated business areas
areas of a town or city where development is restricted (by local zoning and building codes) to business and light industrial buildings, office complexes, etc.
The new hotel, in Orlando, Florida, was built close to a designated business area, but because it was also close to DisneyWorld, it attracted both corporate clients and regular tourists.
holiday season
the time of year most popular for holidays, this can differ according to destination and expected weather conditions in specific locations and at certain times of the year. 'High / Peak Season' for beach resorts is generally at the warmest time of the year - for ski resorts this would be 'Low Season.'
We booked our holiday in Low Season to save money.
leisure areas
areas set aside for free-time relaxation or exercise
Our guests may be businessmen, but they don't want to work twenty-four hours a day. Leisure areas were a very important feature in the design of this hotel.
make a booking
to arrange or reserve something, a flight, a ticket to an event, accommodation at a hotel, etc
We can make the booking online and the hotel will email the confirmation details.
package deal
a discount or special price given on a combination of items, products or services, when they are purchased together
There are some great package deals that include flights, hotels and car rental, all for less than the normal price of the flight alone!
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