Tourism Unit 14: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 19 vocabulary words below.
the activity of creating a recognizable name and a image for the purposes of marketing and advertising.
The hotel employed a specialist in branding to create their online image.
a document which shows predicted income and expenditure for a given period.
The hotel was under budget in the first quarter of the year, but despite this the manager expects to meet budget for the year.
cut back
to reduce or limit something
The head chef refused to cut back on the quality of ingredients.
the action of giving work to another person to do instead of doing it yourself.
All managers must be able to delegate so that they don't waste their time on work which can be done by others.
a particular group of people (consumers) at whom an offer, advertising or other business activity is directed.
Being situated in the mountains, the hotels target demographic is younger active people.
to create with your mind, to think of something new.
When a new hotel opened just down the road from us, we had to devise a new strategy to compete with them.
a period in which one is responsible for a given activity or responsibility, usually connected to being temporarily in charge.
The assistant manager was on duty so he dealt with the complaint.
GM (general manager)
the most senior member of staff.
As the general manager, Steve is responsible for making sure the hotel is profitable.
to put into action or effect.
The new manager had a lot of ideas which they wanted to implement as soon as possible.
from inside the company or organization.
Most hotels prefer to promote in-house instead of advertising for workers.
to keep something in the correct condition or state.
It takes a lot of work to maintain a hotel to the right level so that all guests are satisfied.
management team
a group of higher level employees and managers who run an establishment
The management team meet every day to discuss any new business.
to resolve or settle arguments or disputes by working with all people involved.
When the head chef and the restaurant manager argued about the best way to present the amuse bouche, the GM was called to mediate.
to informally talk with or engage with other people with the aim of creating a support structure
Once a month the hotel organizes a special dinner for local business owners to allow them to network with each other.
operations manager
a senior level employee who is responsible for the daily administration of the establishment.
Hotel operations managers are responsible for maximizing the efficiency of the hotel.
to act for or on behalf of someone
While the manager is away, the operations manager will represent him in all matters.
a degree or level of requirement or excellence.
The head chef checks each plate leaving the kitchen to make sure that it meets his standards.
a document showing the hours which all members of staff will work for a given week.
It can be very difficult to create a timetable which all staff members are happy with.
the number of things or people which are replaced over a certain period.
The hotel industry has a high staff turnover because it employs a lot of students and temporary workers who move on to other jobs.
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