Tourism Unit 12: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
next to or joined with
They booked three adjoining rooms on the third floor.
a raised platform connected to the side of the building which can be accessed through a door in the wall
There is no smoking in the room, but you may smoke on the balcony.
a room for two people with one large bed
The hotel has thirteen doubles on the first floor and 12 on the second.
describing a room to which a bathroom is directly attached
All hotel rooms are en-suite with either a bath or a shower.
foldaway bed
a portable bed which can be folded up when not in use
The larger suites can accommodate two foldaway beds
a small kitchen with limited cooking facilities
When you stay on a self-catering option, you need to make sure that you have a kitchenette.
very comfortable and expensive
The hotel was luxurious but the price was too high so they only stayed for one night.
a small fridge in a guest room which contains a selection of drinks and snacks which can be paid for at the end of the stay.
It is a well-known fact that prices for items in the mini-bar are more expensive than in the hotel bar.
limited in size, price or luxury
There are several modest hotels in the area for travelers on a budget.
describing a television service which can be ordered and paid for, usually including premium or adult shows.
Jane became very suspicious that her husband had ordered pay-per-view TV on the night of their honeymoon.
a long loose piece of clothing which wraps around your body, usually worn before or after swimming, bathing etc.
Guests will be charged $35 if robes are taken from the room.
a metal container which can be accessed by a code or key, and is designed to protect valuable items.
The code to the safe can be reset at reception.
a guest room for one person which has one small bed.
The hotel only has two single rooms but during off-peak times we can offer doubles for single-occupancy.
having a large amount of space
The hotel has a spacious lounge which can fit over 200 people comfortably.
a group of rooms in a hotel that is used by one guest.
Our standard rooms are 15m2 in size but our suites are 35m2 in size.
done or chosen with a knowledge or what is attractive, suitable or enjoyable.
We have received several comments on the tasteful decoration of the newly renovated rooms.
a flat outside area next to a building where people can sit and relax.
The rooms on the ground floor all have access to private terraces.
products which are used in cleaning or grooming.
A lot of hotels now offer guests complimentary organic toiletries.
a hotel room for two people which has two separate beds.
Most business hotels offer twin rooms as standard because their guests are usually not staying with their parter.
friendly and pleasant, especially to someone who has just arrived.
After your long trip, you will be pleased to go into your welcoming room.
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