Tourism Unit 11: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
to make unavailable so that it cannot be booked, reserved.
The rooms are blocked in November for renovation.
a small catalogue used for advertising
The prices shown in the brochure are the standard rates
deal with
competently handle or take care of
The manager dealt with the complaint immediately.
an amount of money which is paid in advance to secure a transaction
The reservation will be confirmed with a deposit of $50.
a reduction in the cost of something.
After Jane found a fly in her soup, the restaurant manager offered her a 30% discount on the meal.
ID (identification)
an official document or card containing personal information and a photo which acts as proof of who you are.
All foreign guests are required to show their passports for identification.
to give information about, to tell
The receptionist informed the guests of breakfast times.
a plastic card with a magnetic strip on the back which can open doors when inserted into a slot.
Most large hotels use key-cards instead of keys now as they is more convenient to carry.
the condition or state of being occupied, usually expressed as a percentage.
The owner was very happy with the new manager because he had increased occupancy from sixty to eighty four percent.
related to a period of lower demand, need or frequency.
The off-peak prices apply from 30th September to 1st April, excluding Christmas and other public holidays.
related to the period of highest demand, use or frequency
It can be expensive for families to take holidays during the school breaks as this is usually the peak time for hotels.
the process of checking if a credit card has sufficient funds on it to cover a particular cost.
The hotel takes a pre-authorization on credit cards to ensure that guests are able to pay for their stay.
prior to
before, in advance
The restaurant is so popular that you have to book a table three months prior to the date of your visit.
to supply or make available for use
If you have any questions, please contact our reception who will be happy to provide you with information.
rack rates
standard prices without discount or special offer
It is often better to book early to avoid paying rack rates.
something which is needed, wanted or demanded
The guest had some very unusual requirements about the color of the bedding, which had to be yellow.
a list or table of rates and charges
The hotels tariff is shown on their website but guests are encouraged to call for details of special offers.
to try selling a customer a better and more expensive product than they originally wanted.
The reservation department work on commission so they try to up-sell guests to better rooms.
an increase or improvement in service or accommodation.
The hotel usually tries to offer newly weds an upgrade to their reservation, but this is not always possible.
the state of (a room) being empty and available.
The hotel was fully booked so he had to look for another which had vacancies.
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