Unit 1: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
to request something in writing
James applied for more than 20 jobs before he was successful.
to go to or take part in
All employees must attend fire safety training
a person who is competing to get a job
Twenty candidates were chosen from the 160 applicants.
an official document proving that one has finished a course
Some IT companies value job experience and industry certifications over purely academic degrees.
of the present time
Her current manager is much more understanding than her previous manager.
to officially make someone leave a job
She was dismissed after she was caught stealing from the company.
fill in
to give written information often by completing a form
Please fill in the form and send it back to us.
to employ or pay someone to do a job
The company hired almost 200 workers when the new factory opened.
a post of employment, a job
His position is Sales Manager at the moment.
probationary period
a length of time in which an employee is not fully protected by labor law i.e. they can be fired or resign without reason or notice.
Most new employees have to work a probationary period before they are given a full time contract.
to actively seek new staff members
Some companies use agencies to recruit new staff.
a statement from someone who knows you saying if you are suitable for a job.
His previous manager gave him a very good reference.
connected with what is happening or being discussed
He has a very impressive CV but I don't think his knowledge is relevant to this position.
a document showing your education and work history, also known as a CV (or curriculum vitae)
Having a professionally prepared resume or CV will make a good impression on potential employers.
to give or send to someone for a decision
I submitted my application form two weeks ago and haven't heard anything back from them.
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