Medical Unit 8: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 19 vocabulary words below.
a physician specialized in the practice of administering drugs that cause insensibility to pain
Before surgery, an anesthesiologist will administer propofol.
to draw in by suction
Aspirate the suspension using a 5ml syringe.
related to the improvement of appearance
Nowadays even young and attractive people decide to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.
a tube which carries liquid away from your body
We must replace the drain as it's leaking.
bringing desired results
Unfortunately, the treatment isn't effective so we have to reexamine our diagnosis.
a sudden and possibly dangerous situation which requires immediate action
The A&E department deals with all emergencies.
intended to help you understand something else
I found the explanatory article on the new treatment very interesting.
related to surgery performed through a small opening
The advantages of keyhole surgery to the patient include reduced pain and hemorrhaging.
the area of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system
Diagnostic methods used in neurosurgery include computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
operating room
a hospital room with special equipment where surgeries are performed
Madam, your husband is currently being operated on in the second floor operating room.
the process of cutting into somebody's body and altering the internals
In the case of the injury of internal organs, surgeons have to perform an operation on the patient.
orthopedic surgeon
a medical professional who deals with the treatment of injuries of bones
After consulting the orthopedic surgeon, Mr Jones felt much happier about the proposed procedure.
the act of preparing for something
When the nurse had finished prepping the patient, the surgery began.
reconstructive surgery
surgery aimed at restoring the form and function of the body
Many victims of serious traffic accidents undergo reconstructive surgery of the face.
scrub up
to wash hands and forearms thoroughly before surgery
Dr. Savage has been dismissed as he forgot to scrub up before operating.
completely clean and without any bacteria
Make sure the surgical equipment your team will be using is sterile.
a stitch used for closing a cut or wound
Sutures are usually applied using a needle.
a small piece of cotton used to clean an injury
Clean the wound with a sterile swab before applying suture.
vascular surgeon
a specialist who deals with the diseases of arteries and veins
Vascular surgeons are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting all parts of the vascular system except for the heart and grain.
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