Unit 17 Reading Activity

Listen to the recording as you read the text. Then complete the activities.

English for EMT's 2

An interview with an EMT about a recent call out

M: Hello and welcome to today’s episode of ‚A day in the life’, a series which looks at a typical daily routine of various professionals. My name’s Mark Brookes and our guest today is Francis Goodman, who works as an EMT at Stanford General Hospital. Welcome to the program, Frank.

F: Hello Mark, hello everybody.

M: First of all let me just say we are all very glad you accepted our invitation. To start off, could you tell our listeners a few words about yourself?

F: Certainly. I’m 32 and I’ve been working in A&E department for 11 years. I began my career as an EMT-B but after a few years I took a course to become an EMT - I.

M: In this program we talk to specialists in various fields and ask them to give us an overview of their typical day. So what is your typical day like, Frank?


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