Medical Unit 14: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 21 vocabulary words below.
annual blood test
a test performed every year in which a small sample of blood is taken and examined to check blood content and look for signs of any disease or disorder
Under your health insurance you can have annual blood tests done at your local surgery free of charge.
an arrangement to see a doctor at a specific date and time
As Claire was feeling very weak and had a high temperature, she phoned the surgery to make an appointment with her GP.
BMI (body mass index)
a measure of body fat calculated on the basis of weight and height
The result of his BMI count was 23.5, which meant his weight was appropriate.
BRCA genetic test
a test of two human genes which helps determine the risk of occurrence of breast cancer
Because there had been cases of breast cancer in her family, Mary had the BRCA test done.
breast cancer
is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the mammary glands or surrounding tissue
Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer.
to break open or apart, suddenly or violently
He was rushed into surgery after his appendix burst
cervical cancer
a cancer that develops in the tissue of the cervix
One of the symptoms of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding.
chemistry panel
a type of blood test which provides information on the condition of your cardiovascular system
The results of the chemical panel indicate that you may be prone to coronary artery disease.
a substance in the blood and cells which can cause the diseases of the heart and arteries
As Jane’s tests had shown a high cholesterol level, she had to reduce the intake of saturated fats.
a screening test performed to check for colorectal cancer
As our clinic is equipped with a CCD camera, our specialists can perform colonoscopy on request.
colorectal cancer
the development of cancer in the parts of the large intestine
Mark has been feeling very tired lately and has lost a lot of weight, so the doctor ordered him to have the stool blood test done to eliminate the possibility of colorectal cancer.
complete blood count
a type of blood test which provides information on cells in the blood and the concentration of various proteins and minerals
The complete blood count is a very common procedure as it provides an overview of a patient’s general health condition.
the process of detecting symptoms of a disease or a disorder
An early detection of a tumor increases the chances of a successful treatment.
DRE (digital rectal exam)
a manual examination to check for problems with organs in the pelvis and lower belly, such as the prostate gland in men and the uterus in women.
To perform DRE, put on a glove, apply some lubricant on your finger and slide it into the rectum.
family health history
information about diseases and disorders your close relatives have experienced
A thorough family health history can help determine the risk of occurrence of any fatal diseases.
a protein essential for blood clot formation
After the body suffers an injury, fibrinogen converts into threads that form a net stabilizing the injury site until it is fully healed.
the condition of being too overweight
About 12% of the male population suffers from heart disease caused indirectly by obesity.
prostate cancer
the development of cancer in the gland of the male reproductive system
James had been diagnosed with prostate cancer which further contributed to his depression.
risk factor
anything that increases the chance of getting a disease
Intravenous drug use is a major risk factor for contracting HIV.
to test if someone is suffering from a particular disease
It is possible to screen for a variety of diseases before any symptoms are present
a test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images from the inside of the body
To confirm she was pregnant, Claire had an ultrasound scan done by her gynecologist.
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