Medical Unit 12: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
a secondary disease or condition which aggravates an existing condition
She was re-admitted to hospital after complications set in.
a person who is recovering after a serious accident or injury
Convalescents usually prefer to be cared for at home rather than in a hospital.
to create, design or invent a plan
When devising a treatment plan, take into account the patient’s current symptoms and medical history.
respect that people have for someone or that someone has for themselves
Everyone wants to maintain dignity in old age.
to clean a wound and cover it with a piece of cloth
The nurse cleaned John’s arm carefully and dressed the wound gently but firmly.
to study something carefully in order to decide how bad it is
Before prescribing any medications, evaluate the patient’s symptoms thoroughly.
fill in
to complete information in an official document
It took her an hour to fill out the report.
hands-on care
tasks such as washing, dressing and feeding, performed by a nurse
You must be very sensitive to your patient when providing hands-on care.
informed consent
a process of obtaining permission from a patient before conducting a healthcare intervention
In Pennsylvania, informed consent is required prior to blood transfusion.
all the things stored or available in a place
Unfortunately there are no syringes in the inventory.
any work done in order to keep a machine in good condition and working order
This new model requires minimal maintenance.
the way a machine functions
Don’t touch this device as it gets very hot during operation.
pre-operation care
health care and procedures before a surgical operation
Pre-operation care is usually provided by a nurse.
a relationship in which people like, understand and respect each other
Ms Bragwish is known for developing excellent rapport with her patients.
information written on paper or stored on computer to be used later on
The hospital maintains records about patients’ conditions on the main server.
when a patient gives a pharmacological substance to him- or herself
John found it relatively easy to self-administer anticoagulant injection drugs.
a period of work in a hospital where some people work during the day and some at night
Does Dr Jones work the day shift tomorrow?
medical equipment nurses and doctors need to perform their tasks
Supplies can be ordered directly from our website.
help or encouragement
Dr Matthews always offers plenty of emotional support to his patients.
an event in which a group of professionals meet to learn about a certain topic
The workshop on Endocrinology was really useful to our team.
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