Medical Unit 11: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
to apply, or give as a remedy
The paramedic administered basic first aid, but it wasn't enough to save the patient.
the act of being received into a place e.g. hospital
After the patient's admission, he was taken to the operating room.
to help, to give aid to
Could you assist me in restraining the patient?
bedside manner
the attitude, approach and conduct of a medical professional in the company of a patient
Even though he was technically a very good doctor, his bedside manner was poor so his patients disliked him.
charge nurse
a senior nurse in charge of a ward
New nurses are closely checked by their charge nurse to make sure they do not make any mistakes.
direct care
the care of a patient which is provided personally by a staff member
Direct care workers need both good medical knowledge and the ability to work well with people.
to release from hospital, or another course of care
He had to stay in hospital for two weeks before he was discharged.
to extract, or take (such as blood from a vein)
After the nurse had drawn blood, she sent the sample for analysis.
materials applied to cover a wound for the purposes of protection
You have to change the dressings on the cut every day to stop infection.
to provide with knowledge or training in a particular area
It is important to educate people on the dangers of smoking.
to act or work in close relation with another
Doctors need to interact with the nursing team to provide the best possible care for patients.
within or administered into a vein
At this hospital we do not use tablets as all painkillers are given by intravenous injection.
the administration of medicine
The nursing staff are responsible for the medication of patients.
a nurse who is qualified to deliver babies
In the USA, most midwifes are women.
to check constantly on a certain condition or action
This machine monitors patients heart rates and emits a beeping sound if there is anything out of the usual.
a reaction of an organism in reply to a stimulus
As there was no response to the first course of medication, the doctor decided to try something else.
offering or giving satisfaction
Even though nurses salaries are quite low, a lot of nurses say that they like their job because it is rewarding.
a small sample or part taken to show the nature of the whole
Blood and saliva specimens were taken and then tested.
staff nurse
a qualified nurse who is either a member of the ward or working there on a temporary basis
There are 8 staff nurses working in the accident and emergency department.
causing, ending in or approaching death
When he heard that his wife's condition was terminal, he broke down in tears.
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