IT Unit 4: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 16 vocabulary words below.
an iterative and incremental software development approach with work divided into sprints of a predetermined length
The first book on Agile methodologies is the Manifesto for Agile Software Development written in 2001.
the first version of a software application that is "feature ready" but still very far from "production ready"
Alpha versions are rarely released to the public and frequently contain serious bugs.
a software version which is feature-ready, has passed early testing, and ready for more widespread testing
The beta version of the new program was released yesterday, but final release is still months away.
functioning software distributed free of charge with the possibility to buy more features later if desired
The freemium model is increasingly seen because people are very reluctant to buy something without testing it first.
help file
electronic documentation included with a program
The help file often contains useful program shortcuts.
MVP (minimum viable product)
an early release with only the most important features included
MVP releases allow a company to get to market quickly by maintaining focus on the core feature set without wasting time on extra features that add little value to the average user.
a software update intended to fix bugs or security holes in a software release
Software patches and other updates should be available on a software publisher's web site.
perform a meaningful task
do something useful as opposed to waste time
Without a CPU a computer is unable to perform any meaningful task.
able to deliver a high number of something efficiently
Office suites such as MS Office or Google Docs are designed to make users more productive at their jobs.
RC (release candidate)
a piece of software that has passed its testing stages and is close to release
Apple refers internally to a release candidate as "the golden master."
rest at ease
to be free from worry
"Rest at ease, my boy," said the salesman, "this new graphics card will have you pwning alien worlds for years to come."
SDLC (software development life cycle)
a formalized approach to creating and maintaining software
The SDLC consists of: requirements gathering, design, programming, testing. deployment, and maintenance.
trial version
a piece of software which is available for evaluation by customers free of charge, normally for a limited amount of time
Much to the annoyance of potential customers, sometimes a company "cripples" their trial versions by offering less features than the full version.
to replace an older version of software or hardware with a newer version
The man needed to upgrade his office suite so he could export his document files as XML and JSON.
a top down approach to software development with everything decided up front with milestones and distant deadlines
Waterfall is best suited for projects where there is a clear goal and requirements are unlikely to change.
you should be wary
be careful because something might be dangerous or disastrous
You should be wary of bugs in beta versions and not use them on production servers.
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