IT Unit 22: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 18 vocabulary words below.
a rule to be observed as strictly
The CTO commanded the project managers to ship the product by the end of the year or face the consequences.
CEI (Computer Ethics Institute)
a nonprofit research, education, and public policy organization focused on the issues, dilemmas, and challenges of advancing information technology within ethical frameworks
The CEI's mission is to facilitate the examination and recognition of ethical issues in the development and use of modern information technologies.
permission, allowing
I needed written consent from my boss to change the security settings on the server.
results; things that happen as a result of a previous action
The server admin was unaware of the dire consequences of installing the wrong version of Apache web server.
copyright infringement
to use somebody's content without proper permission
The webmaster committed copyright infringement when he copied an article from another website.
criminal hacking; exploiting security holes to gain unauthiorized access to computer systems
Ethically speaking, cracking is no different from other forms of illegal trespassing or stealing.
decided or controlled by something else
The software utility was dependent on a specific architecture of CPU in order to run at optimal speed.
to meet or come across
If you meet an alien from another planet it is called a "close encounter of the third kind".
a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality (what is right and wrong)
As computers become more powerful the need for computer ethics classes is increasing.
Internet privacy
general techniques and technologies used to protect sensitive data, communications, and preferences
The US government routinely tries to expand and restrict Internet privacy laws.
Norbert Wiener
(1894–1964) is considered The forefather of Computer Ethics
The Norbert Wiener Award for Social and Professional Responsibility is awarded annually by CPSR.
obtaining sensitive information through a deceptive email campaign, while pretending to be a trusted person or business
The man thought his bank was asking him to change his password, but it was actually a phishing scam trying to trick him into revealing it.
digitally transforming or altering a photograph in order to misrepresent the original
Magazines routinely photoshop pictures of models in order to remove pimples, moles, and wrinkles
privacy policy
a statement or a legal document that discloses the ways an organization gathers, uses, and stores the end user's data.
Every website that collects user information should have their privacy policy posted online
the common opinion about someone or something
Being hacked can negatively affect a company's online reputation.
to search for private information without permission
The IT security officer was caught snooping on an employee's private email account in order to steal her personal bank account number.
social engineering
a broad term for any online or offline technique that uses deception to trick people into giving out confidential information
The hacker used social engineering methods to trick a bank teller into giving out another user's password.
boring, repetitive, or slow or long
Debugging code can be a tedious process without the correct knowledge and tools.
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