IT Unit 21: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 14 vocabulary words below.
an electrical component which uses electrostatics to store energy
The flash bulb in my camera has an old capacitor and takes a long time to charge up.
a flow of electric charge (such as electrons or ions)
You can experience the current flow in a copper wire if you hook one end up to a voltage source.
electrical circuit
a network or interconnection of electric components in a closed loop
This electrical circuit is not in a closed loop and that is why the current does not flow to the bulb.
EMF (electromotive force)
an energy measured in volts; refers to the potential which causes the flow of electrons (and ions) in a conductor
A simple battery is the most common source of electromotive force in electronic toys, but some modern toys even use solar cells to power up!
IC (integrated circuit)
a set of electronic interconnections in a small "chip" or plate where all the elements are inseparable
ICs get smaller and smaller ever year due to the rapid development of nanotechnology - today there are billions of transistors inside a typical chip.
light bulb
a source of electric light which uses a filament stored in a glass enclosure
I need a larger light bulb in my table lamp - it is too dark for me when I study at night.
LED (light-emitting diode)
a semiconductor source of light
LEDs are an increasingly popular source of light in homes nowadays because they consume much less energy than the older style incandescent light bulbs.
a continuous trace or wire in electric circuit which connects various components
After a long investigation I found a break in the path which connected the bulb and the battery - that is why the circuit didn't work.
PCB (printed circuit board)
a laminate board which supports electric components in the circuit
We order ready-made PCBs without any components, so our students can practice their soldering skills.
an electrical component, which restricts the flow of electrons in the circuit.
If you add another resistor to your serial connection just before the bulb, the light will be not so blinding.
solar cell
an electrical device which converts the energy from light into electricity
There is a small solar cell in my watch, thanks to that it was working even after the battery died.
soldering iron
a handy tool used to assemble the electrical components on a PCB (printed circuit board).
My home soldering iron is really handy but at work we use soldering stations which allow us to control the heating temperature.
also known as "electric tension", is a difference between electric potential between two points
If there is a voltage between two points of a circuit, and you connect these points with a wire, then the current will flow.
Voltaic cell
A device that derives energy from chemical reaction, such as in a battery
Car batteries are a good example of voltaic cells: there are electrodes which are submerged in a solution, and due to some chemical reaction which takes place in the solution, the energy is derived.
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