Unit 14 Reading Activity

Listen to the recording as you read the text. Then complete the activities.

Understanding Commonly Used Keys, Part 1

The keyboard is the most common input device found on computers today.

You should be familiar with all the keys in order to have a successful career in Information Technology.

Here are some common keys you should be familiar with in order to complete this unit:

· alternate key

· control key

· tab key

· escape key

· function key

· arrow keys

· page down key

· page up key

· delete key

· print screen key

· caps lock key

· hash key

· caret key

· scroll lock key

Please note: in the USA the 'hash key' is most often called the 'pound sign'. This is very confusing because if you say 'pound key' to a British English speaker he will probably assume you are referring to the British pound currency symbol ( £ ).


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