IT Unit 12: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 11 vocabulary words below.
daisy chain
daisy chain
The man daisy chained 3 portable USB drives to increase the storage on his laptop to 3 TB.
DIP switch
a set of electric switches using a dual in-line package design
A DIP switch is an attractive alternative to a jumper setup because there are no parts to lose.
an output screen which contains visual information; some variants include: LED lights, CRT or LCD monitors, and virtual reality goggles
The almost man missed his connecting flight because the flight display at the airport showed nothing but a large "fatal error" message.
a hardware device that plugs into a parallel or a USB port, acting as copy protection for a particular software application.
The software no longer functioned when the man lost his dongle.
a device which converts digital signals into analog signals, and back again when needed
You normally need some type of modem to connect to the Internet from home, such as a cable modem or a DSL modem.
a visual interface display between the computer and the operator; normally a large rectangular LCD, LED, or CRT device
The old CRT monitor needed to be replaced because it was flickering badly.
plug and play
a term used to describe the technology where a peripheral device is automatically recognized and configured when it is detected
Thanks to plug and play technology, the new printer worked immediately after it was connected.
a peripheral device that produces a hard copy, normally paper, from data stored in a computer
Decent quality printers are very affordable, but the ink can be quite expensive.
a device for capturing a binary digital image from a hard copy
A scanner can take a photograph or magazine article and digitize it.
An internal or external device which converts electrical impulses into audible sound.
The student turned up the speakers to play a new MP3 for his friends.
any specialized video camera designed to transmit video over the internet
Many websites allow video chat using webcams, but this sometimes brings out the worst in people.
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