IT Unit 1: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 10 vocabulary words below.
app (application)
a software program which allows a user to perform specific tasks such as word processing, email, accounting, database management
Examples of popular applications include Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Mozilla Firefox.
any device internal to the computer, such as a primary hard disk drive or motherboard
A hardware geek is constantly upgrading components in his computer to achieve more performance.
an electronic, digital device that stores and processes information
A computer needs to be replaced or upgraded regularly or it will become obsolete.
literally meaning 'that which is given', this term refers to raw information of any kind
The network administrator was fired when he lost all the company data by accidentally formatting the wrong hard disk drive array.
an organized, electronic collection of information optimized for fast access and typically consisting of rows, columns, indexes, and keys
The international company stored their customer information in a central database in Brussels.
physical things that make up a computer, such as a component or a peripheral
Hardware today has become such a commodity that it's often more expensive to repair it than to replace it.
the largest known public network in the world, connecting millions of computers around the world
Some people refer to the Internet as an information superhighway.
a group of connected computers which share resources
The company network consisted of 3 servers, 95 workstations, and 10 printers.
an external computer add-on, such as a printer or a scanner; also known as an 'accessory'
The woman hated the look of all the tangled wires behind her desk, which were caused by so many peripherals.
any program designed to run on a computer
The geek purchased new software for his computer almost every weekend.
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